Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gott im Himmel!

Talk about German precision engineering!

What a waste of time and money.


Crp said...

er... was ist das ?

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

Das ist ein "CLACK PUNCH-BELL EGG CRACKER with Rubberhead".

I'm not making this up!

(Click the link for more!)

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

Figured I would copy the description for "posterity".

(Note the last sentence!)

Don't you just love a topless egg?

Clack is the soundful name for a punch-bell egg cracker desired to inflict an annular eclipse on an ovular body, soft or hard, white or brown. Your egg-shell-crack-pot hits eggs upside down like a punch-bell.

It works like this: Place metal cap on egg and let ball drop - clack-crack! Clack will hit your egg by surprise. It survives with an inverted collar - now being clearly more inclined to be eaten by allowing your knife an easy lift-off of its top.

Clack - renders every boiled egg topless