Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kitchen Instruments

On my vacation, the CC was asked if he was a "gadget freak" by the sister of the mother of the wife of this dear friend of mine.

"Absolutely not!", cried the CC in alarm, at the risk of being classified along with the Williams-Sonoma freaks!

"In that case," she retorted, "tell me what kitchen instruments you find indispensable."

So the CC hied himself on a mental walk around his kitchen (we were greedily gorging some lamb (cooked deliciously rare) laced with rosemary, and spanakopita on their familial farmhouse at the time.)

  • Blender, and food-processor

    Big duh there!

  • Coffee grinder

    The CC actually uses it to grind fresh spices (both roasted, and unroasted.) Even Indians don't understand good Indian cooking until you have it made with freshly ground spices. (If the CC had to pick just one instrument, this would win hands down!)

  • Pressure Cooker

    Everything from beans to conch!

  • Juicer

    The CC never knew how much he would miss it until he had one. Juice of forty limes? Not a problem!

  • Food mill

    Ditto! Where have you been all my life?

  • Cheese plane grater

    You don't understand until you own one. Trust the CC on this one.

  • Mortar and pestle

    The CC is "old school". Some things cannot be improved upon.

    Sure the CC would miss the stones in the oven, and the pizza peel, or the steamers, and the zesters but they are not indispensable. The above constitute "basic necessity", at least in the eyes of the CC.

    So, gentle readers, are there things you find indispensable?
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