Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pasta with Sage Butter

This is as simple as a pasta sauce gets. Ten minutes of attention, and you could be in culinary ecstacy so why not try it?

For the record, this marries best with fresh pasta but even if you go with dried linguini (or similar), you're likely to have a foodgasm.

If you find the stuff impossibly rich (which it is), squeeze half a lemon into the sauce, and whip it into a (O+S)/W emulsion. (Yeah, this is pretty traditional too.)


1 stick unsalted butter (yeah, it's gotta be unsalted)
sage (lots)

black pepper
parmigiano-reggiano (grated real fine)


Heavily salt the pasta water. Yeah, heavy salt. Cook the linguini al dente.

Meanwhile, melt the butter on low heat, and fry the sage. (If you really like sage, cut it into ribbons, otherwise just as is.)

When the sage turns "stiff", fish it out and toss it. Yeah, you heard that right.

Keep the butter (like duh!)

Toss the linguini with the "sage butter", toss the parm and black pepper on top.



macavity said...

Sage butter pairs perfectly with fresh butternut squash ravioli and a dash of amaretto sugar. Pasta Moon @ Half Moon Bay has this on their menu.

Jason and I tried the same at home with just a hint of maple sugar and that works well too. The crunchy sugar adds a nice bite.

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

sweet pasta + CC = head inverted in the porcelain goddess.

I am learning that the sugar-butter combo don't agree too well with the CC's stomach. Yeah, I did mean to write "don't".

Sugar I can handle; butter I can handle. The combo is a bit of a disaster.

With pasta, just reading about it gives me the "dry heaves".

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

We just had butternut squash ravioli with sage butter yesterday for lunch.

Delicious doesn't begin to describe it!