Monday, October 26, 2009

Taste of India

Some of the choices are questionable, and there are notable omissions but that is inevitable given the format. Not bad overall. Worth debating about.

(Source: FoaFoaF = "friend of a friend of a friend". If somebody provides accurate attribution rights, the CC will be happy to.)


Reva said...

I am hosting a daal-baati dinner on Saturday and was looking for ideas on cuisine for ppl who cant handle it. Loved the map, though the options are too few for my purpose.

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

I have mixed feelings about daal-baati-churmaa.

Love the daal; can deal with the baati; don't want a sweet churmaa in a savory meal.

The origins are clearly medieval where sweet and savory are freely mixed but it's not for me. Plus, the over-the-top ghee-laden baati is also not for me.

Just leave the baati as is without the dipped ghee (heresy, I know, I know!) and your guests might be fine.

Plus, Rajasthani cuisine has some pretty fiery stuff. Why not head there, in addition? ;-)

Reva said...

Churmaa actually rarely gets consumed except by old timers at the wedding luncheons. But dunking in ghee is non negotiable. :)