Sunday, March 28, 2010

Low-Key Breakfast

Croissant and some soft scrambled eggs.

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Marcus said...

This comment is not particularly related to breakfast, but I thought you might get enjoy this.

My wife posted on her blog (which she keeps primarily as a way to practice daily photography) about me and my use of salt.

Related to that, NPR ran a story about salt and one the comments in the story was that something like 89% of our sodium intake comes from processed foods.

Michael Ruhlman has also posted on the subject fairly recently. He wrote a book about charcuterie, which obviously relies heavily on the use of salt.

Also fairly recently, I heard about a NY State Rep that wants to, as I recall, ban the use of "additional" salt by restaraunts. Can you imagine what that would do to the local cuisine?

In the last few years, I've really been learning a lot about cooking. I mean, I could cook ok before, but recently I've taken it to new levels; especially the degree to which I understand food and cooking.

So one of these days, maybe I'll try and measure how much sodium a well-seasoned dish has compared to something in a can (say, spaghetti sauce for example). I know for me, a more practiced use of salt has really helped improve the food I make.