Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frozen Vegetables

The CC pulled one of those ziploc bags out of the freezer. There was an incredulous sound made by one of the lesser species of the earth.

"What is that?"

"Frozen corn."

"But they're in a ziploc bag."


The CC was mystified. Had he entered the Twilight Zone?

"What brand are they?"

DOH! The invisible hand of idiocy smacked the CC's head with a powerful whack. The CC tapped his foot to gain his equilibrium (such as it is.)

"What do you think frozen vegetables are?"

"Ummmm .... vegetables that are frozen."

("Exactement, mon pauvre imbécile petite!)

"And who freezes the vegetables?"

This was the exact moment that enlightenment struck the ignorami with much more weight than the afore-mentioned invisible hand of idiocy.

Then the CC expounded at lyrical leisure (as he is wont to do.) Clearly, it made perfect economic and culinary sense to buy excellent summer vegetables (corn, peas) at dirt-cheap prices, and freeze them for future food-gasmic delight!

Lord, what fools these mortals be!


Marcus said...

Sheesh, City Folks... :)

Actually, it turns out people everywhere are severely disconnected from food. I was commenting on the very same thing this weekend to my wife.

My brother was shocked(!) at how good was the brined and braised pork butt, served with a mango/pineapple salse on cabbage leaf wraps. Said I should open a restaraunt (no thanks! I hate doing dishes). Yes, people, you can actually MAKE good food without using ingredients from a cardboard box*.

And my sister-in-law couldn't believe that I plan to have my (now 1 year-old) daughter help me slaughter rabbits (when she is old enough). She wasn't mad or anything like that. She just couldn't conceptualize a world in which a little girl would be able to live with killing an animal for food which had been raised at her home. As if humans haven't been doing it for thousands of years...

* to be fair, the salt came from a cardboard box...

Macavity said...

A close friend commented on my freezing & storing food obsession calling it a "little house on the prairie" activity. I freeze away storage friendly veggies to sauces, chutneys and prepared food. Nothing wrong about food from a box when one's put it in there with some base level effort. Anyhoo.. given that I've seen your freezer, you (and I) could use larger freezer storage...