Sunday, December 25, 2011

Food as Metaphorical Horror

Humans have always had a slightly complex relationship with food in as much as it reminds them of their animal origins. For starters, carnivores that we may be, we have always had a slightly problematic relationship with slaughter and novelists, artists and film makers have exploited that endlessly.

Here are some of the best food metaphors in the interest of horror that the CC knows of in the medium of film.

  • Rules of the Game
    Slaughter as a metaphor for the ruthless elimination of an entire generation in World War I.

    Bonus: Made in 1939. Looks forward presciently and sees a repeat upcoming.
  • Rosemary's Baby
    If you can make tea horrifying, you have real cinematic skill.

    Bonus: The Lipton tea ad-placement near the end of the movie.
  • Repulsion
    It's straightforward enough to horrify using a skinned putrefying rabbit but it takes a special talent to turn toast and (exhausted) marmalade into one for a horrific sexual frigidity gone awry.
  • Saló
    The perfect meeting of medium and subject. Integrated into the film as a logical progression of horrors, Pasolini mentioned that he intended it as a "commentary on the horrors of fast food".

    (You'll have to see this one. Can't reveal it without giving it away.)

    Bonus: Nails.
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