Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sharks on the Subway

Various news media report: Shark found on New York subway.

The hyperbole continues:
A dead shark has been discovered on the subway in New York City, transport officials have confirmed. The unlikely passenger, about 1.2m (4ft) long, was found under a row of seats on a Queens-bound train.

Isvett Verde, of Brooklyn, New York, who took a photo of the shark, said she noticed that the empty carriage of the N train "smelled extremely fishy" when she boarded at 8th Street.

"It's hard to be surprised as there are always crazy things happening in this city, but even that was a bit much," she told the BBC.
Any good chef would know that it's a spiny dogfish.

It's edible, plentiful and some passenger was probably carrying it back home. The CC has eaten it at plenty a Venezuelan restaurant in Queens but "sharks on the subway" is so much more sensational.


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