Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Something about avocados in the markets sends the CC into a apoplectic rage.

The culprits are the little stickers that say "Ripe".

Are you fuckin' shittin' me? This is complete and utter horseshit!

If they were ripe, we'd know it so we don't need you to hustle us because your avocados suck. In fact, the CC has never found an avocado that needed less than 10 days worth of "ripening". More like 15 days.

They just sit on his counter radiating guilt about how fucked up the supermarket system actually is.

What is the problem?

Supermarkets assume that shoppers want "green" avocados because "green" is the color of "fresh" which in this case means totally unripe. A ripe avocado is almost black and melting and supermarkets want stuff that doesn't spoil but that's not going to work for the avocado.

So it sucks. And we put up. And rant endlessly.

Such is life.

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