Monday, February 4, 2008


A spicy Parsi breakfast recipe.

Classic Indian (North Indian and Gujarati) spices combined with French technique.

Toss in the tomato and you have multiculturalism before the word (and world) even knew it existed.

There are probably as many recipes as there as Parsi families, and there are all kinds of variations ("fried cubed potatoes") but why let details stop us from enjoying a classic meld of New World elements, Indian spices and French technique?


6 eggs (beaten)
1 finely diced onion
4 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
3 green chillies (diced into very thin rounds)
2 large tomatoes diced
2 tbsp cumin seeds
salt and pepper to taste


First up, the CC should observe that all egg recipes should only be cooked at two temperatures -- low, and medium low, and the latter is reserved for omelettes. If there is one piece of French technique that will serve you exceedingly well, it's this one.

The mise-en-place.

Fry the onion at medium low heat.

Add the ginger-garlic paste, and fry for a bit. At each time, you want to control the wetness of the dish making sure you are actually frying not steaming in the released water.

Add the green chillies, and the cumin. Fry for a bit.

Add the tomatoes, and fry for a bit. Turn the heat down to low.

Add the eggs. Since you are scrambling, pull in the cooked eggs from the outer edge to the center and scrape the bottom of the center to let the eggs cook.

Akoori (with toast)

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