Tuesday, June 3, 2008


More than one reader has commented that the CC doesn't quite make the same recipe that he posts when cooking either at his home or away, and the CC feels that he should address this fact.

The history of food and cooking is, quite literally, littered with misinformation.

Great chefs throughout history have always witheld key pieces of ingredients or recipes largely to suppress the competition, more often than not from their own students. One must consider this as the oldest form of IP.

Thankfully, the CC doesn't subscribe to this notion because largely he believes in openness. Openness fosters competition, competition keeps the CC on his toes looking for better recipes, better ingredients, better technique.

In any case, the truth will out. This stuff is hardly rocket science (and even there, the truth will out.)

Citius, altius, fortius. (in the spirit of the upcoming Olympics.)

So what explains the variations?

The answer is shockingly simple, my fellow readers.

When, the CC cooks in foreign kitchens, and more importantly, foreign locations, the ingredients aren't the same. Even the burners aren't the same. As for the equipment the CC has to put up with, well, the less said the better.

So whether the CC likes it or not, he has to modify the actual recipe to fit the milieu.

Think of it more as exactness of intent rather than exactness of technique. Some stuff will get elongated; others which is much more amenable will get shortened.

The goal has always been to achieve an exact final product not to replicate a set of instructions.

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