Monday, August 17, 2009

Harvesting Squid Ink

Getting squid ink is easy. You need raw squid (squid that have not been cleaned.)

What's hard is that the ink stains everything. So you need to avoid splatter and clean up in case thereof. And yes, it does stain everything in sight!

Yank the squid behind the head and pull the tentacles outwards.

This is what it looks like (yep, that's the eye.)

The glistening silvery thing is the ink-sac. You need to puncture it gently and squeeze over a container. This is the hard part. You can't squeeze with your hands otherwise your hands and nails are gonna get stained. Use the back of a spoon (which is also gonna get stained. Scrape that ink off with another spoon (this is valuable stuff!)

Squid ink

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