Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tomato Powder

This is an extraordinarily versatile product. It's basically dehydrated tomatoes ground to a powder.

It will last a very long time (even though it might clump in moist weather.) Certainly, in the freezer, it will last indefinitely.

Versatile, did the CC mention versatile?

Mix with hot water to get an instant tomato paste. Sprinkle over a salad for a hint of tomato.

Best use ever - toss with popcorn!

Only one downside. It's seriously pricey - at least in New York. (Maybe some readers could chime in?)


G said...

Amazon is your friend!

Marcus said...

What is "expensive"?

Here is a place to buy it in bulk for about 60 cents per oz. Although I imagine with space being a premium in NYC a 10lb bag might not be so convenient...

Marcus said...

Also, I wonder if buying sun-dried tomatoes and putting them through a food processor might not be more cost-effective...?

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

Not the same as tomato powder (which is a lot drier than sun-dried tomatoes) although if you had a food dehydrator + coffee grinder, it would be quite easy to accomplish.

Space is indeed at a premium in NYC.