Monday, February 14, 2011


The greatest of all vegetarian dishes (at least in the CC's unhumble opinion.)

Poetry should be written about this stuff, and wars raged but it hasn't happened yet so the CC assumes that he lies alone in his passion. (Sigh!)

This is a lentil and rice flour mix that has been fermented (lactobacillus!), and then mixed with ginger, green chillies, spices and vegetables, and topped with the classical Indian technique of spices fried at the last minute in oil (vaghar, baghar, chowk, etc.) In this case, the spices are sesame seeds as you can plainly observe below.

Finally, the whole thing is baked with coals above and below.

Eat it with a sip of buttermilk (yogurt + water) and watch the mixture evolve as you chew. Each bite will be subtly different as your saliva works its magic with the two components in tandem.

The crispy brown bits are the best part (Maillard, Maillard, Maillard!)

The Gods themselves designed this dish because they got bored of ordinary, every day perfection!

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