Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moving On

An old friend died recently.

And how does the CC revisit it?

All he can think of is that she was thin, and she loved to dance, and she loved food to a fault.

She was much older than the CC to the point that she both babysat the CC, and that he attended her wedding as a callow boy, and yet, all the CC can remember is all the food she loved. He can recall instantaneously every single thing she ever loved. and where she ate it, and how she ate it. (You don't need a camera. The memory is good enough.)

She even taught the CC how to dance. And how to gorge away later late at night after expending the calories!

Food then, as Proust would've insisted, is the ultimate carrier of memories.

Dance away sweetheart, we'll miss you!

1 comment:

Marcus said...

It's nice to be able to reflect positively when looking back on a life like this.

I'm sorry for your loss but happy you were able to know her.