Saturday, July 9, 2011

Active Dishonesty in Food Blogging

Of course, food bloggers aren't saints. They are trying to make a living off of it. The CC happens to be an exception.

However, one must be intellectually honest. One shouldn't delete criticism ever. The answer to criticism is a response not censorship.

However, most are not capable of doing so largely because they don't have the intellectual chops.

One such is a David Leibovitz whose blog the CC used to love until he realized that he is in the business of deleting criticism.

Sorry, David, but criticism is good for you. It takes you away from the adulators, allows you to learn new things, and enhances your reputation. Rising to a challenge is part of being intelligent. You're an EPIC FAIL when you squash criticism rather than rise to it.

The CC posted on this particular posting, and the comments (mild as they were) were deleted.

The proof of the offending comments being deleted (they are long gone!) is presented below:

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