Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bold Radical Idea

Whenever the CC flies — which he loathes with a vengeance only reserved for the worst of the worst of food — he frequently muses why there isn't a category whereby you could fly Coach and get the food catered from First Class?

Surely some people would be willing to pay a premium for not eating plonk, right? And it can't be that much more work given that this is just an extension of the "special meals" category (which exists currently, one may add!)

Fancy restaurants do this all the time — they open a (very) lucrative "casual bar" that features their greatest hits without the obsequious service and stratospheric prices.

It surely fits into all the right economic categories:

Unbundling? CHECK.
User experience? CHECK.
Predictability of demand? CHECK.

This has to be one of the most obvious of ideas.

So what's the freakin' holdup?


macavity said...

The flight food in first class is also crap. Key differences: [1] Fresher fruit [2]Silverware instead of plastic ware [3] Drinks in glass instead of plastic [4] Better liquor
Of the above, only #[4] is worth it since you can't carry liquids. I like carrying my own food for the most part.

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

You get silverware in First Class. You get better liquor too!

Agreed on the fresh fruit.

There's also a non-commutative aspect.

First-class from NYC to SF is horrible. The reverse is excellent. Better food prep? Who the 'F knows?

The food is far better from Spain to the US than from US to Spain (same airline.) Same goes for Italy to the US v/s US to Italy (same airline again.)

Basically, some countries are more food-conscious than others.