Thursday, June 25, 2015

Notes from an Oyster Shucker

So the CC decided to learn how to shuck his own oysters and here are the notes from that.
  1. It's harder than you think. Way harder.
  2. Safety first. The CC cannot emphasize this enough!
  3. Equipment matters. Please invest in the following:
    1. a "serious" oyster shucking knife,
    2. a set of chain gloves — it's basically chain-mail for the other hand,
    3. a rough scrub-brush, and
    4. some cheap towels.
  4. They are filthy. Epically filthy. Hence the scrub-brush. You will be spending a lot of time scrubbing to prep them so get a good one.
  5. They are seriously jagged. Hence the chain gloves.
  6. It's hard to pry them open in the first place. Hence the chain gloves. Dunking them in water (to warm them up briefly) moves along the process.
  7. Take a look at videos online on how to severe the "adductor muscle". The CC thought this would be hard but it's actually the easiest part.
  8. It's way way harder than you think. Practice makes perfect.
And yes, they are exactly as amazing as ever to eat.

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Mark T. Kennedy said...

chain mail gloves? your thumb says thank you :-).