Monday, June 8, 2015

Trapped (?)

This is pretty much the epitome of a "First World problem" but the CC feels trapped by the fact that he has too many amazing dishes in his repertoire and that the seasons change so fast.

Basically, there are too many dishes that the CC loves with seasonal ingredients with no room for anything else. It had to happen eventually with the CC's obsessive nature.

Two parts of the CC's brain are going to war with each other:
  1. Love it. MAKE IT!!!
  2. Novelty is amazing. Let's make something new.
It's a straight-up function of age. The obvious interpretation would be that there are only so many rounds left on the merry-go-around but the CC is young! It's not that.

It's more to do with how do we hold on to that original sensation when we knew nothing, and the entire world was afresh with the sense of discovery, and how we discover it and make it our own.

The only empirical evidence the CC has about this is that every time he has had this absurd feeling (and he's had it about four times now), there's always been a new breakthrough waiting in an unexpected direction.

Let's hope the empirical truth comes through a fifth time.

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macavity said...

My inclination for 1 vs. 2 heavily depends on mood. I crave novelty when I'm rested; the familiar at the end of a stressful day. Most experimental meals in our household occur late in the week - Friday to Sunday. And once in a while, hormones overrule all other factors.