Sunday, November 5, 2006

Raw Beef (Ethiopian style)

The way to judge an Ethiopian restaurant is how well they make kitfo which is raw ground beef mixed with mit' mita (finely ground "hot" spices), and nit' ir kibbeh (also spelt qibe which is clarified butter cooked with spices.)

Vegetarians, and food-phobes need not apply!

The first time the CC went to a restaurant that specialized in it, the staff came out twice to ask if we were sure of what we were getting.

"We are", cried the CC and his good friend.

Then the chef came out to make doubly sure that we knew of what we wanted. Not only were we not disappointed but we had a magnificent evening because the staff loved us for ordering their specialty.

Last night, the CC ate at a lovely place in South Harlem that had excellent kitfo. The waitress positively glowed when the CC praised the kitfo.

Try it! You may even get addicted to it. (Watch this space for a recipe.)

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