Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Simple French Food

One of the words in the title of Richard Olney's book is like a time-release bomb waiting to go off.

The CC will not be providing hints as to which one.

After a six page discussion on the definition of "simplicity" (uh oh!), we are informed that "simplicity is a complicated thing", and that "If food is not good, it is not simple."

By this definition, everything from a hard-boiled egg to beef bourgignon is "simple" but only if it is "good".

The CC is not making this up, you know!

However, this is a wonderful book which everyone should have. It is simply too brilliant for words.

He does give a great way of poaching eggs perfectly each time - boil water, turn off heat, crack an egg, cover, leave it alone, repeat for more.

Now, that is in the ordinary sense of the word, simple.

The purpose of this post is to warn the reader so that, unlike the CC, they will neither be scarred for life nor need therapy.

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