Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Traditions

Well, turkey is conventional but we all have our own little traditions.

The CC always features pomegranates at his Thanksgiving dinner.

How did it start? Many a moon ago, the CC's friends and the CC decided that they liked pomegranates better than cranberries, and so it began.

The CC tries to vary it up each year, featuring it in totally different ways, everything from pomegranate juice and champagne to dessert made with pomegranates.

One year, the CC was being helped by a "cooking virgin". Needless to say, the CC could hardly resist handing him the task of plucking the pomegranate seeds.

The poor boy plucked out each seed one by one not knowing how to pluck a pomegranate. After half an hour, the CC showed him how to invert the peel, and brush off the seeds. His jaw dropped, some choice words were bandied about the CC's heritage, he hastily retreated in a sulky mood to the boudoir, beer in hand, and proceeded to yell at the television until the rest of the guests arrived.

Whee! What fun we have together!

So readers, what are your traditions for Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

what happened to the CC love for garlic? baked garlic, cooked garlic, chocolate dip garlic, frozen garlic, raw garlic, crispy garlic, toasted garlic, pomegranate garlic, etc ;-)

Anonymous said...

i just realized i am a new-born cooking virgin! hurrah!