Sunday, July 1, 2007

An Immodest Apologia

As the years have evolved, and the CC looks back upon earlier post entries (and before that, emails), he notes that some of the recipes are surprisingly jejune.

"Did I really used to make that?"

As the CC's knowledge of food, and particularly technique deepens, it goes without saying earlier blog entries start looking either insubstantial, or incorrect, or horrors! horribly wrong.

But that's how knowledge works. We wish we were born knowing this information but we are not, and hence, no surprise O surprises, we must learn the hard way.

What's surprising is that, in looking back, you find that a surprising amount of emotional energy and psychological history is tied up to food.

"Remember the time ... was made? And for X!"

The CC has entire dishes that he seldom revisits because of evenings that went horribly wrong (for reasons that seldom involve food.)

Food and cooking form a strange personal trajectory of discovery and knowledge. Certain pasts are best not revisited, just as other pasts are to be rightly celebrated.

Perhaps it's best to not apologize for our juvenilia.

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