Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, the CC loves sprouts, and many a year ago, he was presented with a sprouter by one of his aunts.

It's one of these plastic trays where you can place the sprouting beans in the top two trays, and a tiny amount of water in the lowest tray, and the whole thing is supposed to work out.

Except it doesn't.

It's warm enough in New York in the summer but the CC's apartment doesn't get enough direct sunlight for the whole thing to work out. If the CC lived in Italy, or India, or Mexico, it would work out but it doesn't.

So the CC has come up with an alternate plan. Unsurprisingly, this is modern take on a classic method which brings the CC to ask the eternal question, "Why on earth do we fuck with perfection?"

Soak the beans overnight. Wash them again. Put them in a cheese cloth, and lay them where they get plenty of sunlight. Every 12 hours or whenever the cheese cloth gets dry, mist it, drain it again, and leave it well alone. Different beans will sprout in different cycles. Some take 36 hours, and others 60 hours from start to finish.

The cheese cloth is cloth enough to stay wet, and porous enough to not retain enough water to allow it to get moldy. (The classic technique was to use a linen cloth. Same idea.)

You'll get perfect sprouts each time. No plastics need apply.

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