Sunday, March 16, 2008

Words of Wisdom

When making sourdough (or sourdough brethren like idli, etc.), you need to put them in large bowls with lots of space so that the stuff doesn't overflow and make a huge mess, and you start your day by cleaning a mess.

Learn, wise people, from the foolishness of the CC!


Varsha said...

I guess you haven't heard the story of the time I tried to get idli batter to rise by leaving it in in a bowl in my oven which had a pilot lamp...
Awoke in the morning to find idli batter dripping out the edge of the oven door!

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

No, I haven't but given that I have done this thrice (twice for sourdough, and once for idli), you'd think I'd have learnt by now.

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

Incidentally, I miss those pilot lights. If there were one wish in my kitchen, it would be those things.

Perfect for doing lots of cooking stuff in winter.

(And everyone else, spare me the enviro-crap. A whole year's worth of pilot light is less than a few miles of driving.)