Thursday, May 28, 2009

Practical Herb Lore

Practical stuff for people who are growing the herbs in a window garden.

Don't water them too much. Wait till they look droopy, and give them a little water. They will recover rapdily. This pretty much eliminates the risk they will get attacked by fungus and pests. And only give them very little water (the CC cannot emphasize this point enough!) This means more "monitoring" but c'est la vie.

Give them a lot of sunlight. (The CC realizes this is not under your control. Do your best.)

Give up your fantasies of growing bushels of basil, etc. You are basically gonna grow stuff to add as accents to recipes and are still going to be dependent on the market when you need large quantities. They grow extraordinarily slowly indoors. (If you have large pots and a verandah, this doesn't apply to you.)

Bon appetit!

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macavity said...

Basically... dry farming. Works wonders in Napa and our patio. :o)