Wednesday, November 4, 2009

English, Whither?

Recently, an anonymous reader left the following note in the CC's email inbox:
I have a super mutton recipe for it which my mom makes...and have been trying to get an english name for it since she is compiling her own recipe book....Please help!
This was in reference to the entry on dagad phool on which the CC seems to be one of the very few comprehensive entries on the Web.

Lady, if you'd left your address or at least read the comments, you would've noted that the CC posted all the names he knows. Fer cryin' out loud, woman, all you have to do is read the goddamn entry. The CC has already done the work for you!

For the record, the highest number of hits the CC gets, consistently over time, have been on three entries: dagad phool, marati moggu, and naag kesar.

You can't argue with results.

One billion Indians gotta get their info somewhere!

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