Sunday, February 12, 2006

Today, I saw an almost perfect book concept. They had the "Collected Works of Joyce" in these little itty-bitty volumes. Perfect for slipping into a winter jacket.

Never mind the Joyce part. I think the idea is really cool. You can slip it into your pocket, and read it on the subway, etc. The shape and size of standard books is too inconvenient as far as both portability and jackets are concerned. (This is the main reason I like the concept of e-books; not the sucky-ass current implementations thereof nor the cryptographic aspect!)

If the books hadn't been on the "Gifts for Valentine" table, I would've bought them.

I mean, who the fuck buys Finnegans Wake (split up into itsy-bitsy pieces) for their valentine? (and that too for a fucking holiday invented by a greeting card company early last century, before Joyce wrote his masterpiece!)

It was packaged for a New York Irish audience, and they'll never read the books either! There was even a fucking shamrock on the covers.

Haul me to the porcelain goddess already!


slampoud said...

I'd like to inaugurate the comments section by saying a) congrats on the new blog! and b) I share your delight at these teensy volumes. A couple of years ago my mom managed to single-handedly turn me back onto ancient Greek tragedy by buying me tiny pocket versions of "Prometheus bound" and "Plutos", ancient text on the left, modern translation on the right. I've been asking for more ever since... Now if someone could do this for, say, Neruda, or Garcia Lorca poetry, I'd speak Spanish in no time!

Macavity said...

I'd buy the books on Wednesday. Who gives a crap if they are "Valentine's Day presents". C'mon Mr. Economics - will you really pass on a good deal because of bad marketing? =)

Crp said...
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Crp said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Shockingschadenwhatever.

I suggest you choose a short, easy to type moniker. It'll make it a lot easier for us when we flame you.