Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tomato Soup (in winter) - Part 2

Just so you know, I cheated, but I cheated less than the current breed of drug-addled Olympic athletes.

Did I have a choice?


Tomatoes in this country, for the most part, suck! They suck so much, that the CC will take good tomatoes over sex in this country. (*)

In every other afore-mentioned "good-tomato" country, the CC will take sex over tomatoes.

Anyway... back to business. The soup, and how did I cheat?

A large spoonful of home-made summer "Heirloom-tomato" paste was used. But, that's it. No more tricks except good old-fashioned technique.

The soup rocked even with the pathetic "I-just-flew-in-from-Israel" tomatoes. Nothing against Israel. Nothing against flying. Certainly, nothing against the sucky-ass tomatoes.

Why do they have to pick the tomatoes in perfectly warm countries with great tomatoes while they are still raw? (Answer: to fly them across continents.)

This globalization stuff is beginning to suck, at least for food.

But, the CC doesn't mean to rant, and the CC has to consume some of the afore-mentioned tomato soup so as to get in to work in on time tomorrow, so tune in to hear the exciting saga of the "Tomato soup." (**)

(*) Some prefer chocolate but "de gustibus non disputandum est."

(**) Assuming you find it exciting.

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