Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tomato Soup (in winter)

So now that everyone knows that the CC is a strange breed, a well-trained Indian chef-wannabe, etc. (Not that there were any losers reading this blog who didn't know that!)

The CC ventured out to make that age old hoary "Raj" relic known as "tomato soup" (perhaps we should call it "a la indienne"?)

Let's get down to the details.

Tomatoes in winter suck, so why the hell is the CC making "tomato soup" in winter?

Two reasons.

One, my hand was forced (more on this below.) Two, any retard (*) from Italy, India, Mexico (**) can make good "tomato anything" in summer. So there's a challenge, and never let it be said that the CC has ever shied away from a challenge!

More on the forced hand. The Chinese wife of an Indian ex-colleague wanted to know how tomato soups tasted so good in India. The CC quizzed her, and he quizzed her hard till she cried out, "I don't know."

Of course, at that point, the CC knew what she wanted.

She had tasted the vision, and I'm sure you, gentle readers, and one insane bitch, want to partake of the same.

At this spot, the CC has decided to borrow from the grammar of television. Namely, watch this spot for more...

(*) I'm not PC. There are too many retard-chefs and chef-wannabes with no technique.

(**) The only countries that I know that have good tomatoes, in alphabetical order.

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