Sunday, September 16, 2007


There's always going to be things you hate.

You can't like everything, and if as they say, you are what you like, then you are just as much as what you hate.

Or as Goethe put it more poetically, "I hate everything Egyptian."

Please note that these are not things that you dislike. These are things that you hate. The difference lies in the intensity of the feeling.

So here are the list of the CC's hates:

  • Fast-food restaurants
    "Kill me! Kill me now."
  • Rice pudding (and variants)
    Vile texture. Utter failure as rice; utter failure as dessert.
  • Most Indian sweets
    Too sweet. Failure at a balance in taste. Why not just eat sugar?
  • Soft-boiled eggs
    Too yolk-y early in the morning. Worse after a bender. Would like to like them but can't.
  • Brownie-Coffee combo
    Bad enough being "wired". This is like being "wired", and wanting to throw up. Can't imagine how bad it'd be after a bender. Wouldn't care to try.
    The CC is sure there are more but this will do for a start.

    Audience participation welcomed!

    TerROAR said...

    Let's see... this is a fun question :-) I hate:
    * okra -- looks disgusting, smells disgusting, tastes disgusting
    * monkfish liver -- love all sorts of raw japanese things that nobody will touch, up to and including uni (I recently dove, yanked one off the bottom of the ocean, cracked it open and gulped it while the spines were still squirming!), but monkfish liver is like eating solidified battery acid mixed with cod liver oil
    * people who smell like food -- don't care what it is, I don't want to smell it on you. I also won't eat you, under the circumstances.
    * Hershey's anything -- what's with this trend of taking candy and calling it chocolate!

    ShockingSchadenfreude said...

    I love uni!!!

    Haven't tried monkfish liver. Can't say your description makes me want to run out and taste it.

    When I was a kid, I loved okra. Still like it (just not as much.)

    Okra's sliminess or lack thereof has a huge deal to do with prep.

    Macavity said...

    This is fun indeed. I hate...
    1. Bananas, papayas, cantaloupes... In general, all over-ripe sickly-sweet fruit. The smell alone nauseates me.
    2. Every version of eggplant that isn't char-broiled before cooking.
    3. South indian chefs who try making north indian food, esp. the ones who throw mustard and curry leaves in everything.
    4. Over-roasted coffee. Makes my insides churn. Literally.
    5. Canned tuna. Hate the smell. Hate the taste.
    6. Over boiled pasta.
    7. When once-good restaurants skimp on quality ingredients for "cost-cutting".
    8. 98% of all SUV, minivan drivers incl most Toyota drivers who are afraid to drive their expensive cars. I wish they'd put their fancy cars in glass boxes and leave the road to the rest of us. This has nothing to do with food but I figured I'd throw it in there....

    ShockingSchadenfreude said...

    I'm glad you have actually tasted an SUV driver.

    Me, I would be deathly afraid to try!