Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitchen Instruments (The List)

Promised before the CC went on vacation, here are:

"The Indefensibles"

Prep work

French chef's knife
kitchen peeler
mortar & pestle
kitchen scissors

Pots & pans

stock pot
any ol' pot


coffee grinder
food mill
food processor
measuring cup

Pre-serving instruments

cheese grater

Everything else is icing on the cake; there are tons of items that would be "useful" but they are not "necessary".


Varsha said...

You don't seem to mention any sort of ladle, spatula or spoon. Do you stir your stock with your fingers? :-)

ShockingSchadenfreude said...

OK, that was kinda assumed. :-)

You'd need a few wooden stirrers, a ladle, and some form of spatula.

I suppose a pair of tongs would also be ultra useful.