Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Professionals v/s Non-professionals

A brief throwaway comment by a friend sent the CC into a reverie about the distinction between the two. The CC was talking about a gazpacho (forthcoming entry) and the CC was explaining the pains it took to get there.

It was pointed out to the CC that commercial kitchens couldn't possibly do that.

Well, they can, and they can't.

If they charge enough, they can. If not, they can't.

Commercial kitchens also have all these little Jamies running around all thinking they are going to be the next celebrity chef but they're just all earning a pittance, and truly a pittance it is.

No home chef can possibly have the luxury of the help, and symmetrically, no commercial kitchen has the luxury of detail.

The CC would love to have industrial-strength stoves ("BTU's, baby!!!") and an army of little minions but reality is neither going to be forthcoming nor obliging.

On the other hand, no commercial kitchen can afford to take the kind of care and detail that even an average home cook lavishes on their meals. They are ultimately a commercial enterprise, and have to get a return on their investment.

So why does their food "appear" better? They do have an army of minions, and they do have an army of tricks but they may or may not have the wealth of detail (not unless you pay steeply for it, and even then it's a bit of an illusion.)

So what's the CC's point?

The two enterprises are truly different, and it seldom behooves anyone to compare them.

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